Unified Legal AI Data Platform

Ulex.ai enables the creation of curated datasets by seamlessly integrating both internal and external legal data, empowering each legal team with personalised GenAI.

Scaler 2024

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analysis engine

Massive data analysis with unparalled accuracy

Ulisse's proprietary Analysis Engine can ingest vast amounts of data of any type, and understand its content with accuracy trough the latest AI capabilities:

Scan docs OCR

Metadata tags

Sentiment analysis

Table recognition

Image recognition

Audio transcription

answer engine

Anti-hallucination answers with trusted references

Ulisse's proprietary Answer Engine cuts through the noise to deliver reliable, reference-backed answers. It's not just about finding information; it's about ensuring its credibility:

Citations up to the page paragraphs

Authoritative public data references

Firm's and user's private data references


Ulisse AI empowers lawyers, analysts, and consultants

With Ulisse, you can leverage the power of state-of-the-art AI to analyze massive amounts of data and accomplish complex work with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Legal Research

Conduct comprehensive searches across public trusted sources such as regulatory, legislation, and case law.

Financial Research

Dive deep into public companies' data, filings, earnings calls, and reports to uncover market trends.

Dataroom Search

Streamline due diligence and discovery processes by analyzing large corpora of documents.

Multi-document Q&A

Seamlessly handle question lists, get answers and extract any data across multiple documents.

Knowledge Skills

AI-powered skills for Knowledge Search, Summarization, Transcription, Timeline, Drafting and more.

Custom Workflows

Tailor Ulisse to your unique workflow by leveraging your company's data and build a custom AI model.

agnostic platform

Multi-model platform with enterprise integrations

Ulisse deploys powerful generative AI solutions with a flexible, multi-model approach that prioritizes using the best AI model for each individual use case.

We're also developing multiple connectors with enterprise data sources like Sharepoint, Google Drive and more, to streamline data integration with Ulisse.


Words from our customers

Ulisse is a great support, and also useful for a senior professional to reduce the margin of error. It doesn't replace reading but allows us to know the key points very quickly.

Managing Partner, Law Firm

Ulisse has been an incredible help to me. The tool has enabled me to make the most of my time, eliminating the need for extensive hours spent on research legal matters.

Associate, Law Firm